My Kitchen

Superman has his fortress of solitude, Batman has the bat-cave, and I have my Fryshack.  Some might ask, "why mobile food, why not a brick and mortar restaurant?"  Well, when people talk about what the most important thing about staring a business is, they always say that it's all about location, location, location.  With my Fryshack I can bring my cooking to the masses,

wherever they may be.

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We love cooking for you.

Billie Jo (BJ)

 The B‚Äčoss

I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and was passed down the art of cooking from my Mamma and my Nannie.  (Grandmother)


 The Cook

My Husband 

He's a Jack of all trades, but master of none.  Unless you ask him, he'll say he's the master of everything.